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  • weekly update on our model portfolios

  • swing trading signals for popular US markets and shares

  • daily financial market 'cheat sheet'

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Subscription Only

Subscription Only

We're not paid by brokers and are independent.



We know what really works on Wall Street.



See our live account & judge for yourself.

Our Prices Are Low

Our Prices Are Low

So you keep more of your profits.

  1. * First for Trading signals are only available through subscription. We are independent and we trade ourselves so our signals are not a marketing exercise designed to churn your account.

  • * We are professionally qualified and have worked for investment banks and brokers so we know what methods produce results.


  • * Our performance matters - the more success you have, the more likely you will continue to subscribe. We have a live account to track our performance so you can judge for yourself.

  • * We keep our subscription costs low so you keep more of your profits: we use open source software, have a no frills website and don't indulge in expensive marketing. We hope that you'll be impressed with your results and recommend us to others.




Our Products

Our signals and research are clear and actionable. You will not be left in any doubt to the trade we recommend. For the trading signals, we provide trade direction (buy or sell), an entry level, a stop and a potential target or exit price. The stops may be a fixed stop that we may move to breakeven as soon as we can or suggest a trailing stop. We tend to use the latter for persistent trends lasting a few days.

Our model ETF portfolios are designed to help you create a low cost, diversified investment portfolio. We use ETF's because they are easy to buy and sell in any quantity, available on most investment platforms, can be used in any tax wrapper (e.g. ISA LISA JISA SIPP SSAS) and offer a low cost way to access entire markets or an asset class in a single transaction.


The model portfolio is trend following so it gives you greater exposure to those assets where prices are rising and less exposure to those assets falling in price. Although our updates are weekly, actual changes in the portfolio are slow which represents another cost saving to you - transaction costs. The portfolio is rebalanced periodically to maintain asset allocation and to ensure that you are "selling high and buying low".


However, we are not an educator and do not teach you how to trade. We focus solely on producing signals and research that performs. At present, we do not have the resources to provide trader training but we will endeavor to help you learn by providing useful links to free resources that we rate highly.

You can also contact us using the message box below to ask questions. Remember, we are active in the markets too but will respond to your query as soon as we can.


Our subscribers are expected to know how


  • to buy or sell at market, place limit orders with stops and to trail stops as suggested.

  • periods of high volatility such as US Non Farm Payroll data release can negatively impact order execution.

  • to choose a position size that suits your appetite for risk.

Make sure you choose the right product for the time you'll be able to give to trading: don't select our daily subscriptions if you cannot respond to a signal. Consider the US shares swing trading or weekly ETF portfolio as an alternative. However, if you want to change your subscription or wish to stop subscribing, we are here to help.


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